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See Also Plot Set against the backdrop of the Kumbakonam-Tiruchendur highway, Anjaneya is a movie that seeks to throw light on the mundane that goes on in the background of the quest for a job. A strapping youth, Siddharth, a living example of the economic inequality that exists in the country, is determined to get a job. His father, a doctor by profession, is too busy to look after his son. Siddharth struggles to get a job, but struggles seem to have no effect as he finds himself endlessly rejected. The more Siddharth struggles for a job, the more the father provides him with reasons to quit and never to look for a job again. Amidst all the frustration, Siddharth meets Sarala, a young and beautiful woman who has been abandoned by her husband, and takes up the responsibility to look after the girl. Although at the beginning of the film, Siddharth's job is only to look after Sarala, the circumstances of the film take a turn when the man who threw Sarala away comes to Siddharth and offers him a job. The rejected but determined boy has now found himself in a situation where his boss and benefactor is the man who left Sarala. Sarala is on the verge of ending her life, as the life of a woman in her condition is hard, to say the least. The only person who cares for her is her husband's younger brother. The latter is all praise for his brother-in-law, as the latter provides him with money to stay in the village he was born. While Siddharth is a nice person,




Megha Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers 13 elibarn
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